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Red Stag Hunting in Argentina

Red Stag Hunting in Argentina

Among the many fair chase hunts in Argentina, Red Stag Hunting in Patagonia is by far the most exciting hunting experience. Due to the challenge of the hunt and the beauty of your surroundings, this hunting experience is one of the world's best. Argentina Red Stag, comparable to the elk, are found in the rugged mountains of Northern Patagonia. The estancia is situated on 8,000 private hunting acres, surrounded by National Park Lands. The Red Stag roar begins in mid March and runs through April. This is a true fair chase hunt with no trophy fees. Due to the concentration of animals during the rut, the success rate is close to 100%. This, however, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work to get your trophy!

Red Stag Hunting Argentina

The Red Stag Hunt in Argentina

Success rates in 2015 - 2017 were about 90%.
We hunt twice a day, driving, riding horses or walking from the lodge to the different spots from where we stalk. This is a true stalk hunt and the terrain is appropriate to spot the animals from far away and try to get close. Some sections of the property are rough and require adequate stamina while others are easy walking. Our ranch, Escualita, is located on a peninsula surrounded by a lake in the most beautiful area of Patagonia. We have over 8,000 acres of woods, mountains and small valleys to hunt exclusively. During the Red Stag roar the big bulls concentrate in the valley and there is a lot of roaring coming from the bull red stags. As the roar winds down in mid-April the Red Stag bulls move higher up. The north side of the peninsula is bathed in sun and the big bull stags congregate close to the lodge.

The hunter must be ready to take shots from 50 to 200 yards. Each hunter has a guide and after judging the trophy, the guide will decide if it is a quality Trophy Argentina Red Stag. It is important to know that we don’t shoot young animals, regardless of the size of the Red Stag. After taking your trophy Argentina Red Stag you can continue Red Stag hunting and take a second or hunt for Argentina wild boar. There are many large males in the area and the hunt is very exciting. There are first class fishing opportunities in the area as well.


The rut is in March and April but we hunt till the end of May, as our place is used by the bulls for wintering and after the rut we get big concentration of male Red Stag.


Temperatures running from 40° to 70°F. Cold early in the morning. Warming up in the day. Some rainy days. Strong winds are frequent and it may freeze in April and May.

How to get there:

Through Buenos Aires: Commercial air to Bariloche (2 hours flight) and then 1 ½ hour driving from the airport to the cabin. As flights from the USA arrive in Buenos Aires early morning, the hunter can travel at midday and hunt the afternoon of arrives.

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Trophy Red Stag Hunts Argentina

The Hunting Lodge

The Red Stag Hunting Lodge, La Escuelita, is a rustic estancia situated on a mountainside north of Bariloche. Very comfortable with 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room with a big fireplace and dining room. The landscape in this area is so magnificent that Walt Disney and his crew spent two months taking photos and sketches for the backdrop of what later was used in the movie Bambi.

After a long day of trophy stag hunting, return to the spacious estanicia and enjoy the mountains of Patagonia and the breathtaking view of a crystal blue lake. Evenings often include a chorus of roaring red stag.

Lodge Photos

The Tent Camp

The Tent Camp is situated in a beautiful valley with a small trout stream flowing through.  The hunting is similar to the Stag hunting near the estancia but the terrain is slightly more difficult to traverse.  The camp is very comfortable and you can do some Patagonia trout fishing right out of your tent when you are not hunting. The camp has a shower house with running water.

Tent Camp Photos

2018 Trophy Red Stag Hunting Rates

  • $6,995 per hunter - $3,200 for and extra Red Stag


  • 1 Red Stag.
  • All ground transportation as required by itinerary.
  • Bilingual host provided from arrival into Buenos Aires trough departure back.
  • 5 full days of stag hunting.
  • 6 overnights in tent camp.
  • Hunting license.
  • All meals and beverages.
  • First care of the trophy.


  • Guns introduction papers. $125
  • Gun Rental.
  • Any Airfare.
  • Laundry.
  • Communications.
  • Tips.
  • Trophy freight back to home country.
  • Trophy export papers.

Argentina Wild Boar Hunting

After you get your stag you can hunt for Argentina wild boar. This is not similar to a hog hunt in the United States and these are competely wild boar. There is no extra charge for the hunt but trophy fees at $300 for female & $500 for male boar.

2018 Argentina Red Stag Hunting Season

March 16th to 22nd - Booked 

March 22 to 28th - 4 Spots open at Tent Camp

March 28th to April 3rd - Booked

April 3rd to 9th - Booked

Hunter Registration


Day 1:
Early morning arrival in Buenos Aires.
Our host will greet you and provide assistance through customs.
Transportation will be provided to the domestic airport.
Commercial flight from Buenos Aires to Bariloche
Van transportation provided from the airport to the camp.

Day 2 through 6:

Enjoy 5 full days of Argentina red stag hunting

Day 7:

Transportation provided to the airport in Bariloche.
Commercial flight from Bariloche to Buenos Aires.
Host will greet you upon arrival at the domestic airport in Buenos Aires.
Transportation will be provided to the International airport for evening flight back.

Argentina Red Stag Hunting Reviews

Red Stag Hunt Argentina Lodge Review 

As for the highlights... let's just say this hunt is not a layup, you had to hunt for them. On day one, I saw a massive stag while we riding into the area where we were planning on setting up. Let's just say Murphy's law was in effect and I wasn't able to pull that one together but God what an animal, as he had mass, width and lots of points. Day 2 the snow and rain came down, making for rough go of it in the morning. Went back to the lodge at noon to grab some lunch, rest up and dry out. Around 3 we headed back out this time to hunt higher up with the horses again. As the guide and I were making our way through the woods, he stopped by a small stream to let his horse grab a quick drink and I start scanning the woods ahead. Out of no where, I see a massive stag about 80 yds away in the timber. Alert the guide, he passes my rifle to me and after a little belly crawl, take a rest on a dead tree to make a good shoulder shot on a beautiful 14 point stag! He was not as big as the one that I had seen the day before but none the less a beautiful animal. 

 All in all, it was one of the most exciting and beautiful places that I have ever hunted. I truly enjoyed every minute of the hunt and had said to the guides on numerous occasion, that I was just happy to be there and getting a stag would be a bonus. Fortunately for me it all worked and I got what I consider a trophy of a lifetime.

Argentina Red Stag Hunting Tent Camp

Suddenly our short time in the Nirihuau River tent camp was all the time in the world!

The red stag was old and heavy antlered, missing some points but with tall beams. In body he was the most massive red stag I have ever seen, bigger than any stags I’ve taken in New Zealand or the European continent.  We set him up nicely for photos and rode back in the dark, those whitewall tents and a cheery fire as welcome in the Andes as they always are in the Rockies.

So far on the trip we’d dealt with mostly unseasonable warmth, but up here at elevation the evening temperature dropped like a rock.  A big fire was welcome, as was the wood stove in the dining tent. These are normal features in any tent camp, but this camp had some welcome additions.  We  had brought in and hooked up a genuine toilet, complete with running water and a wood-burning hot water heater.  Nice!  Our tent had real beds, sort of African style rather than the cots and sleeping bags common in the American West.

As the season progresses and temperatures continue to drop a stove in that tent would be nice—but we managed fine with lots of blankets piled on!  We spent the next couple of days recovering our red stag and exploring the country, including gauchostyle barbecue, streamside.

With temperatures cooling the red stags became extremely active, with heavy roaring morning and evening—and on all sides of camp.  This is not an area that has a heavy concentration of deer, and apparently there are relatively few hines; it can be described  as a retirement home for older bulls.  We did see a few hinds, but most of the bulls we saw were quite mature. 

Gage Outdoors intent is to hunt it very gently, keeping it as an option for fit hunters who don’t mind hunting hard in the hopes of a big, old red stag.  The camp sits in a dramatically beautiful valley, and offers an entirely unique aspect to Red Stag Hunting in Argentina.